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Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City

5960 Dearborn Street Ste. 100
Mission, KS 66202
913-384-4848 Phone
913-384-4949 Fax

Shining STARS Leadership Program


What is Shining STARS?

Shining STARS is a leadership program within the STARS teen program which aims to have supports in place for new STARS members. The program is for teens who have been active in the STARS program for a while and feel comfortable helping others enjoy their experience. These teens work with the Program Manager to help design new programs for STARS as well as be a support person for incoming STARS participants who may not know anyone in the program yet. Shining STARS will also assist with check in at events and offer assistance where needed to the program manager. 

Who can participate? 

STARS teens who have been active in the STARS program and show leadership skills and dedication to helping others. There is an application process to be in the program. 

What is the cost of the program?

At this time there is no charge to be in the program. 

What will Shining STARS teens do?

Teens will be partnered with new STARS teens at events. Their job will be to make the experience fun for their new STARS participant by helping them through the event and introducing them to other members. Shining STARS leaders will also help with check in and name badges at events. Teens enrolled in the Shining STARS program will receive training in public speaking and be role models for their peers. 

When are meetings going to be held? 

Meetings will be every two months (dates to be determined)

They will occur from 4:30-5:30pm prior to a STARS event on a Wednesday night. 

Why do I have to go through an interview?

Part of the reason for the interview is to give teens expereience in interviewing for a job. Teens will be asked to dress up for their interview just as they would a real job. Although teens wont get paid for this job, this is a resume building program which will help them get a job in the future. 

 If you are interested in being in the Shining STARS program, please email info@kcdsg.org  for more information.

Shining STARS is 100% member driven! Your Shining STARS Members decide on officers, plan the agenda, plan the events, and only have guidance from the Program Manager (who also takes care of the making the calls to reserve locations, etc). Thank your Shining STARS when you see them at Check-in! 


Shining STARS Members:

Max Crawford

Abigail Espinoza

Josef Kepus

Lola Kernell

Katie Morrison

Emeline Pollard   

Hank Wolf


Shining STARS Officer Positions (To be Determined at next meeting):

Preseident: Final Decision Maker for the Group if an agreement cannot be reached

Event Planner: Plans specific details of an event with Program Manager

Secretary: Takes notes at our meetings to share with everyone

Vice President: Helps the President and makes the decisions in the absence of the President

Buddy Director: Checks in with everyone to make sure they are getting along with their buddy at events and it is a good match

Holiday Shoppe Director: Makes sure items are purchased for the Holiday Shoppe, takes inventory of what is needed for the next year, helps run the Holiday Shoppe the day of the event

Head Elf: In charge of making sure no parents enter the Holiday Shoppe, gives out bags at the entrance, greets everyone when they come in, spreads the Jolly cheer


Typical Agenda for Shining STARS Meeting:

1. Discuss how buddies are doing

2. Plan future events and discuss what is upcoming

3. Practice a skill related to public speaking

4. Extra Stuff: Anything that doesn't fit in the above category