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Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City

5960 Dearborn Street Ste. 100
Mission, KS 66202
913-384-4848 Phone
913-384-4949 Fax

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Request a new parent basket today by contacting DSG at info@kcdsg.org!

Welcome expectant and new parents!

We are sure you are experiencing a range of emotions as you adjust to the diagnosis of Down syndrome. We invite you to contact our organization to offer you support. Receiving a diagnosis that your baby will have Down syndrome can be overwhelming.  The following resources are intended to help new or expectant parents learn more about the condition and provide accurate and up to date information about their baby's future. We hope these resources will help families understand how having a child with Down syndrome can enhance the family. DSG offers quarterly support breakfasts for families adjusting to the diagnosis.  

Contact info@kcdsg.org to be added to our mailing list, to request a welcome basket and receive Family and Friends support packets, to request a parent to parent match or to receive a support breakfast invitation. 

Download the Welcoming a Newborn with Down Syndrome book here. This book offers support and accurate, reliable information to the new parents of a baby with Down syndrome. The book covers topics like breastfeeding, adjusting to a diagnosis, preparing siblings, understanding medical issues, preparing for the future, and, most importantly, it shares diverse stories about the daily lives of families whose children have Down syndrome at different ages. 



Additional Resources

Download a digital copy of the Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis prenatal booklet which has accurate, balanced, and up-to-date information about the condition along with helpful resources.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel brochure comprises stories from other prenatally diagnosed couples so you can learn what information was helpful to them.  Watch a video designed for expectant parents seeking more information. You may also wish to visit the Brighter Tomorrows  or National Down Syndrome Congress expectant parent websites to learn more.  Watch a video to learn more about adoptions of children with Down syndrome.

Please read DSG's award winning New Beginnings Parent Magazine for inspiration and guidance on your journey.  You may also enjoy reading the National Down Syndrome Society's Promising Future Together Booklet or a new parent guidedisseminated by the Down Syndrome Association of the UK.  Read What Parents Wished They'd Known when they received the diagnosis their child had Down syndrome for some interesting insights.

Down Syndrome Pregnancy is a wonderful resource which walks expectant couples through their pregnancies and provides many resouces along with the ability to connect with other parents who have walked in your shoes. You can download a free e-book at this site as well.

DSG's New Beginnings Magazine is filled with stories from families who have taken the same journey you are on now. We hope you will find the information enclosed valuable and fill out the response card on the back page and mail it in to be added to our mailing list.

Babies with Down Syndrome book is a guide for new parents that covers all aspects of care for babies and young children with Down syndrome. It includes daily care, family life, intervention, education and legal and medical issues. Please email: info@kcdsg.org with your mailing information if you would like a complimentary copy of Babies with Down Syndrome mailed to your home.

The Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network shares resources and parent diagnosis experiences. 

New parents also find this "Welcome to Holland" story very helpful in artculating how they feel about a diagnosis.

DSG Family featured in
FOX 4 News Story
on Prenatal Testing

DSG parents Travis and Joy Palangi, proud parents of Ella, are interviewed regarding their experience with prenatal diagnosis.  The Palangi's learned at 5 months along in their pregnancy they would be welcoming a baby girl with Down syndrome.  They became involved with the DSG and learned firsthand  the many joys of parenting a child with Down syndrome which made welcoming their daughter a wonderful experience.

Feel free to contact DSG with ANY questions! We are here for you. We can match you with other parents who have walked in your shoes, refer you to commmunity based service providers, lend you books and videos from our lending library and deliver a welcome basket full of resources. For more information contact 913-384-4848 or info@kcdsg.org.










Dear Future Mom: March 21st, World Down Syndrome Day


CDSC: It's a Wonderful Life:

Part 1 - A Video for Parents


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